Thursday, May 12, 2005

Appointments, Appointments, and AARRRGGHHH!!

I just made our medical appointments. May 17th at 1:15 and 5:15. Ahh...the benefits of living in small town USA. There will be a lot of things that I think will be easier since we do live in a small town. The police reports, the doc visits, employer reference letters...there's just SO MUCH to do. None of it is really hard, just time consuming and enough to keep me busy for a while. I'm going to try to convince Wayne to go apply for our passports today. I'm still waiting for our I-600 stuff to get here. :-( Anyways, time for a shower...Be back later!!

I spent about 2 hours at Wayne's office trying to organize all of the dossier info. Wayne wrote his letter (well, I typed it...he talked and gave me info), I called the sheriff's dept. to see how we go about getting background checks. I'd like to get the passports done and get the copies of our birth certificates/marriage certificate while we are at the county clerks office. I just need to get Wayne motivated to get there. He doesn't feel the rush like I do. I just want to get LuYin here as soon as possible. Guess that's the mom in me... The one thing that has impressed Wayne is my organization skills of all this adoption stuff. We scheduled a phone appointment with Michelle on Monday for 1:00. This is to discuss the dossier/homestudy process. We now have an assigned caseworker. Her name is MaryBeth and she should be contacting us soon about setting up our first homestudy visit. YAY! :-) I talked with Marc and Sharon about being the legal guardians for the purpose of the dossier. I'm sure they will, they love kids like we do! Besides, LuYin is the cutest kid! (Yes, I am sounding more like her mom everyday!)

We now know what the term paperchase means!

Before I get into the paperchase, we got the carseat issue square. The seller is going to refund $11.01 of my total. I think that's fair. The intial bid price was $19.99. So we ended up getting the seat for just about $40.00. :-) There are still nice and honest people out there.

Ok...about the "paperchase"...We got our dossier packet from AAI today. I've never had so many forms in my whole life to fill out. I think there are more than when we bought our house. This is where Wayne is going to need to step up and really get his hands dirty. I'm so not the paperwork girl, but I'm sure with the both of us on it, it will all come together. As far as I can tell, there was a preliminary packet sent to China already alerting them to our intention to adopt LuYin. How exciting!! Well, I'm off to find other waiting families (families that are in the process like we are, waiting for referrels or waiting to travel.). G'Night!!