Saturday, March 4, 2006

Happy Birthday, Anna!

Yesterday was Anna's birthday. She is officiallu 6! She wanted to make Shamrock cupcakes for school and so we did. I missed out on the kids eating the cupcakes, but did get a few pictures of the class hanging out afterwards.

Anna wanted to go to Traverse City and to Boone's for dinner. Well...we decided that Scotty's was good enough, so that's where we ended up. I think she was happy with it. It was our family, my parents and grandparents and my sisters. Oh and Tyler. He happens to be Julia's favorite. :-) Then after dinner we came home for some cake and ice cream. Anna ended up spending the night at her Grammy's house. I think Anna gets spolied more than me! :-)

Well, I should go tend to Wayne...he's feeling really sick. Have a great Saturday!

Playing peek a boo over the couch Posted by Picasa

Julia telling me that it's "stinky" in the bathroom! Posted by Picasa

A close-up of you know who! Posted by Picasa

Singing the birthday song to Anna!! Posted by Picasa

Anna giving Christian a hug (He's not the kinda kid Momma will allow Anna to date!) Posted by Picasa

Seth and Anna (No, he's not a boyfriend mom...he talks too much!) Posted by Picasa

Justin and Anna (no, he's not a boyfriend...he's too little she says!) Posted by Picasa

Julia had a great time cutting and using glue sticks. Posted by Picasa

Julia fits in well with Kindergarten boys! Posted by Picasa

Alice and Anna at school Posted by Picasa

Cameron, Theresa and Tyler at dinner. Posted by Picasa

No words...just CUTE!!! Posted by Picasa

Goofy picture of my mom, but a great one of Anna and Grams. Posted by Picasa

A better picture of me and Samantha Posted by Picasa

Grandpa Tom and Julia Posted by Picasa

A good picture of Wayne, a bad one of me...HAHA! Posted by Picasa

Poppa having a good time at dinner. Posted by Picasa

A new jean skirt from Granny and Poppa. Posted by Picasa

Shoes, a girl can NEVER have enough shoes!! Posted by Picasa

The birthday cake! Posted by Picasa

Anna and Julia singing Happy Birthday. Posted by Picasa

Miss Innocent :-) Posted by Picasa

Julia trying out the ice cream. Posted by Picasa