Tuesday, July 5, 2005

My first breakdown and the power of ice cream and cookie dough

For those of you that know me, I am the emotional one. I tend to cry easy over silly things and not so silly things. Today I had my first major breakdown over the adoption stuff. MaryBeth called to say that she still doesn't have the letter from Beth for the educator side of the homestudy. This really bothers me. We need to have the homestudy ready so we can get those documents to USCIS and to finalize the dossier. I hate, hate, hate, hate having to depend on people to help me. From what I've read in my attatchment books, that could be a sign that adults let me down when I was a child. Interesting to say the least.... I'm finding that some of documents need to get notorized before they get sent to State. Sooooo...this leads me to the breakdown once Wayne got home. I just had to have a nice cry, get it all out. I feel somewhat better, not really a whole lot though. I had planned on a nice dinner, but now all I want is greasy, fattening comfort foods. I did have a small smidge of cookie dough, however it's healing power wasn't as effective as I had hoped. I plan on hitting Dairy Queen to pile up on little snacks for after the comforting dinner. :-)

Anyways, no need to worry. I will be fine, just feeling a bit overwhelmed by the control issues. I'm sure tomorrow will be a much brighter, happier day. Thank goodness that Julia doesn't know that her momma is a certified nut. :-) G'Night

Happy 4th of July!!

YAY!! It's July 4th. I'm sure that means nothing to Julia while she waits for us in China. :-) We did have a great time with all our families this weekend. It started out with us having my parents, grandparents, and sister over for dinner. Nothing that special, just hot dogs and brats. I think the kids liked having Granny and Poppa over as well as Grandma Denise and Grandpa Tom.

Saturday, we went to Tustin to the Stewart family get together. We had a great time talking to Aunt Susan and Aunt Wendy.

Sunday, I worked from 7-3 at the hotel and then we went to my parents for Theresa's birthday party. Aunt Susan and Uncle Brian came over for that party.

Today, we had the traditional Wagner family breakfast at Peach's house. Man, were there tons of people there today. Tyler came up while Theresa was at work. We did manage to make it to the parade (actually, the rain held off long enough for the parade to be held). It rained and rained and rained, ALL FREAKIN DAY!!! BLAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Kids had a great time with all their cousins. Anna loves being with Sydney and Madison. Cam loves being with Mackenzie, Adam, Mitchell, and Max. I'm sure that Julia will fit right in with all of the kids. Christmas should be a blast. :-)

Ok, I'm super tired. I will write more tomorrow. G'Night!!