Thursday, May 26, 2005

What a day for adoption stuff

First, to start the day. We had a 9:00am meeting with MaryBeth for a first homestudy visit. I think that all went well. We were given more homework and talked briefly about our views on adoption, our families feelings, and our marriage and family life. Everything must have gone alright because MaryBeth gave Michelle the ok to go ahead with our pre-approval package to China. :-) We should know in about 6-8 weeks if we are pre-approved. From what it seems from both MaryBeth and Michelle, Yin is essentially ours if the PA goes through. No one has given us any real reason to doubt that. We took all our little gifts for Yin to Michelle today too. We sent a teddy bear, a blanket that I made, a disposable camera, a ladybug book and a photo album of our family. We can't wait to see pictures of Yin. I'm sure she's grown into a very beautiful little girl. We also found out that family from G.R. is pursuing a little boy from the AAI special waiting kids program, that little boy is at the same orphanage as Yin. I'm hoping that we get to travel with that family. I think a small group would be nice.

We also had a nice batch of mail. One piece from USCIS!! We got our fingerprint appointments, June 11th at 10:30am in Kentwood. It's a Saturday, so that works well for Wayne. We also got our birth certs. and marriage certificate from the state with the Great Seal on them. Woohoo!!
Also in that batch of mail was a letter from Michelle stating that she was going to be in China for 2 weeks. This is already knew. ;-)

This is probably the last post for the weekend. We are headed to Benzie for the 11th annual Wagner Family Campout at Timberline. Samantha is going again. YAY! She's a huge help. Theresa and Tyler are coming up on Saturday. It should be a fun time. Ok..I'm off. Aunt Airry if you get your present call us on our cell phone. We can't wait for you to see it!! :-) G'Night!!