Monday, November 14, 2005

It came!! It came!! Our TA!! TA!! TA!!

Ohhhh yeahhhh!! At 9:30-something, Mary called from AAI. Our travel approval arrived!! heard right. Our travel approval arrived. As did Liz and Brion's and another family. I'm sure that we will be meeting them soon. Today was the day for TA's as of now, I think there are at least 12 on the WCC/lateaugust boards. Isn't that AMAZING. I mentioned CCAA getting the enema they needed to get the TA's moving and it flowing well now. We are now hoping for a CA (consulate appointment) on 12/12. That means we would leave on 12/1 and get home around the 14th. Hang on Julia, Momma and Daddy are coming sweety. It's getting so close!

I will let you know when we are scheduled to leave!!