Thursday, December 29, 2005

I will think of something...

I wanted to post some pictures of Julia's first Christmas and well, there was no way to make it just a few pictures. I wanted to include most of our famiy members. I think that you'll get the idea when you see all the pictures that I posted. :-)

Julia seemed to handle the chaos called Christmas very well. Better than I could have ever expected. She loved meeting new family members and sitting with her Uncle Mark. She also got a kick out of Mark P.'s white socks. She had never met Marko before and was totally smitten with him as the night progressed. We were a bit worried about her getting used to too many people too quickly, but those fears seemed to fade just as quickly as they arised. Julia is a social little girl and loves to be the center of attention. Much like her sister Anna.

So enjoy the pictures and thanks for words of encouragement. We hope that we can help waiting families and ease some of their fears.

My Peace Girl! Posted by Picasa

Yes, I am the cutest little girl from China that you have ever seen! Posted by Picasa

Carla and Jorge Posted by Picasa

Nate, Jake, Sarah and Aunt Beth  Posted by Picasa

Our traditional Samantha and Melissa Christmas picture Posted by Picasa

Julia still convinced about China's victory Posted by Picasa

Anna, Cam and Julia Posted by Picasa

My other parents and my sisters..and Tyler :-) Posted by Picasa

The Happy Fulton Family! Posted by Picasa

Here is my Auntie Cheryl and Uncle Wendell who came home from Florida just to meet Julia Posted by Picasa

Our Granny and Poppa Posted by Picasa

A not so hot picture of our family after a long day of Christmas  Posted by Picasa

Julia loving her new baby stroller Posted by Picasa

Christmas morning at the Wagner house...Julia with a morning bottle Posted by Picasa

Bis sister Anna with new lip gloss Posted by Picasa

Julia really getting into Christmas Posted by Picasa