Monday, August 28, 2006

Cameron and the cowgirls Posted by Picasa

Julia getting to pet a cute piggy Posted by Picasa

Julia petting a lamb Posted by Picasa

Julia checking out the ducks and geese Posted by Picasa

Anna and Theresa on the tilt-a-whirl Posted by Picasa

Aunt Pammy and Samantha on the tilt-a-whirl Posted by Picasa

Our future fighter pilot? Or did she learn those skills in China?? Posted by Picasa

Momma and Julia on the merry-go-round Posted by Picasa

Samantha and Cameron on the scrambler Posted by Picasa

Anna and me on the himalaya Posted by Picasa

Julia and her crayon Posted by Picasa

Anna and Aunt Pammy on the ferris wheel Posted by Picasa

Samantha and I were riding the paratroopers ride and this a pic I took of her Posted by Picasa

Julia and Grammy Denise on the strawberry ride Posted by Picasa

Aunt Pammy and Samantha (they are on the right side) enjoying the ride that I wouldn't go on Posted by Picasa

Our ham riding the cars Posted by Picasa

Cam and his cowgirl sister Posted by Picasa

Wayne, (Anna's hat) and me at the fair Posted by Picasa

Cam and Anna ahead of me on the swings Posted by Picasa

Aunt Pammy on the swing ride Posted by Picasa

Anna coming down the big slide Posted by Picasa