Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sick husband and STILL NO HOMESTUDY

Well, I can honestly say that not a whole lot has happened with the adoption since the last time that I wrote. Actually, nothing has happened! I'm still waiting on the homestudy, I was hoping to get that today from Michelle, but apparently that wasn't in the cards. Wayne has been very sick for nearly a week. We think that he might have a gallstone. What? A gallstone? But Wayne doesn't have a gallbladder! Oh lord, what's next? He needed to get some more blood work done today to see what's going on. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring better news about what's going on.

With Wayne being sick tonight, I missed the waiting families meeting. I was truly bummed. Actually, I'm bummed that Wayne doesn't see why those meetings are important. He's too self absorbed with work to know the true anguish of the waiting. I suppose it's not his fault, but it still drives me nuts none the less.

I will be calling Michelle tomorrow to see if our homestudy is complete. I want to get our I-717H!!! At this point, I just want to hear word that the homestudy is remotely close. Ughhh...

Anyway, enough of my gripes. The kids are at Grams and Pops' tonight for a sleepover. Anna was really excited. Cam was too I think. :-) I'm off....G'Night!