Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It seems as though the craft bug has hit another friend of mine. Dawn started making tutus for her daughter EmmaLi and now our friend Tonni is selling them at her store!! Sooo...if you're in the market for a great tutu, go check out Dawn's page!

Snow Day #2

School was cancelled again today due to weather conditions. Yesterday wasn't too bad as we were able to get out and about and have lunch and do a bit of shopping. is much different. It was -4 degrees this morning, blowing and drifting snow. The windchill was like -22 (actually, I'm not certain what it was...but that's what I thought I heard!)!! Winter is BACK! It was 49 just 2 days ago! The state police are recommending that people not drive unless they have to. Blahhhhhh...... If I get brave enough, I'll take some pictures.