Monday, June 13, 2005


I'm not going to write alot because I think the pictures will speak for themselves. The pictures were sent on Friday afternoon. Oh Lord, thank heavans Wayne and I were together, as we had decided to look at the pictures together first. Neither of us wanted to be alone we when got to see her for the first time. We truly believe she is the most beautiful girl in China!! We are so thankful to Michelle at AAI for getting us the pictures and video. OH! About the video, Julia is adorable. She seems like a really happy kid, always smiling and laughing at the people around her. She was banging on a symbol and having a good time making noise. Sounds alot like Anna and Cameron!! Anna was playing her piano and this little pink flute thing at the same time!! I think Julia and Anna could have a Wagner Sister's Band!! HAhahaha!!

We also went to Grand Rapids on Saturday to have our fingerprints taken. Nothing that exciting to talk about, the kids went to Aunt Pam's while Wayne and I went to the INS building. I swear, I'm looking out for other families that are adopting or just Chinese people in general. There's a little store down the road from Aunt Pam's that I want to go to. It's called Ming's Chinese variety store. :-) I might find something interesting there.

Ok, so it's picture time!!! Here she is!! Julia YinGui Wagner!!!