Saturday, March 28, 2009

Many have it is: The Tampon War of 2009

Friday morning...We're in Chattanooga. I had to pack the suitcases for 5 people. I packed all the things that we needed for the trip, made reservations, called people...arranged a lot. I knew "Mother Nature" was going to calling me while we were gone. I knew. I failed to pack the essentials. I forgot the tampons.

I got outta the shower, had that feeling that today was the morning to start. I called Wayne into the bathroom to see if he would go to the store for me. I planned on making a detail map of what the box looked like of what I needed. I wouldn't have sent a MAN into Walgreen's to get something like tampons without a guide. LOL! Welll...

Wayne's response was utter shock. He couldn't FATHOM that I would ask him to go get them. Sigh. Me, being crabby & tired and having PMS....lit into him. I called him an insensitive @$$hole and yelled a lot. None of which brought me closer to my sacred tampons. We all stomped around, got back and then drive 15 seconds to Walgreens. Needless to say, we made up and all the peace was restored. LOL!

PMS+tired+crabby-tampons=WAR. :-)