Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crap...forgot that Dawn tagged me!

So, somehow I zoned out about being tagged. Well, there are my 7 random/weird things about me.

1. I can't swim. Well, not anything beyond being able to doggie paddle. I couldn't save one of the kids if they were drowning. Well, maybe I could, but, I don't know.

2. I really like to eat cake batter/pancake mix/raw cookie dough. Anna has taken that habit up too. Wayne think's it's odd, it's a norm in my family though.

3. My 3 favorite movies (in no particular order) are: A Few Good Men, Fargo and Jaws.

4. I have 4 sisters, all of which are half sisters. I'm the oldest of all of them.

5. All of the girls in our family have names that end in "A". Melissa, Anna, Julia, Theresa (my sis), Samantha (my sis), Carla (cousin) and Sarah (cousin, yeah I's a H, but sounds like an A). My other 2 sisters are Alicia and Angela, believe it or not. I've only met them a handful of times and I thought it was weird.

6. I worked at McDonald's for 6.5 years. I also went to BOC (a version of Burger University) to become a manager. I was a manager for 2 years before I quit to have Cameron. I actually really liked being a manager, it was a great job...but not when you have a small baby at home. EESH!

7. I collect shotglasses, books about China/China adoption/Asian history, and anything that is cobalt blue. My curio is FULL of BLUE STUFF!!!

A little gripe

Why is it that a 20oz Diet Coke is $1.29 and I can buy a 2 liter for less? Apparently, I'm paying for the refridgeration. Bastards!

The sun, my road rage, and an egg salad sandwich

1. The sun is out again. My friend Mik and I joke about laying out in the garage during icy/stormy weather. Today, is a garage day. It's sunny, high of 18 but you can feel warmth on your skin through the bitter bite of the wind.

2. Typically, when people are driving too slow or making poor judgements I get frustrated. Which usually makes me make bad judgements. LOL! Anyways, I was cruising home from the grocery store, only doing 50 in the freeway do to people going soooooooo sllllllllllloooooowwww. Well, in their defense, the passing lane was bad, so we were stacked up. But seeing the sun, listening to Eagle Eye Cherry, LIFE IS GOOD. No need to get cranky.

3. The egg salad sandwich was icing on the cake. Soooo...I had the sun out, no road rage, Eagle Eye Cherry on the tunes, the sandwich, and a Diet Coke. Does it get any better than that?