Monday, July 30, 2007


I just checked the LWB website and they have collected $440 dollars towards Xia's hearing aids! YAY!!!!! They still need the other $560, but we're getting closer to bringing sound to a little girl who hasn't had it.

Here's the link again to go check it out!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My plea for Xia normally I don't beg, but I am tonight. While checking out Love Without Boundaries website, I came across their medical page. There I found the most beautiful little girl who needs a pair of hearing aids. They cost about $1000 and LWB is seeking donations. I'm begging all of you to please go check them out, and to donate to Xia. As a mom to 2 girls with hearing loss, I can't tell you how important early intervention is. Xia needs these aids as soon as possible to help her develop speech. Anna got her aids at 4 months, Xia is almost 3 and profoundly deaf. You can imagine what Anna's speech would be like if she hadn't been aided till age 3.

Here's the link and please donate what you can to Xia and her hearing aids!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our walk around the cross and other camping pictures I forgot

Ok…so, there were come pictures on my camera that I *kinda* forgot about. We went to the Cross in the Woods while in Indian River. It was so…well, I first typed cool, but cool doesn’t begin to describe the feeling. It was peaceful and serene, it was uplifting and inspiring, and it was like being in the most sacred place…but outside. I have to admit that I may have enjoyed it more had the kids not been there. I know…shame on me for thinking it…but I really feel like time alone there would have been relaxing.

About the other pics…The one of my leg is an interesting story. I was walking along, minding my own business and I swear this giant tree root JUMPED out and grabbed my ankle, pulling me to ground. LOL! Actually, I think the front of my sandal caught something and I went flying. What a sight. Believe it or not, I hadn’t had any drinks. Just being a clutz.

I had to add the picture of Anna in my sunglasses, because it’s just too cute. The other one of Cam and Mackenzie is cool because they are wearing their newly tye-dyed shirts.

Oh yeah…sorry I forgot to tell some of my friends that we were going to be out of town. It will be the last time I do that.