Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Jammy picture!

Here are the jammy's that Aunt Cheryl got the kids. Anna loved hers with the jacket. Julia loves Strawberry Shortcake and Cam loves sharks! Don'tcha love bed head?? :-)

Awesome Chinese shirts and personalized items!

I wanted to send along this link to my friend Sharon's Ebay store. They adopted their youngest daughter, Brinley at the same time we were adopting Julia. Her and her husband Marty are about the nicest, sweetest people you will meet. They decided to add to their family again and are now adopting Bailey. She is from the same province as Brinley! How great is that!?! So here is the link to her store!

I will post some pictures of Anna and Julia in the shirts I got from Sharon. There is another mom in my adoption group who sells matching bows to Sharon's shirts. Her name is Tonni and will can give you her email address if you are seriously interested. I bought Christmas bows for the girls and LOVE THEM! :-) Thanks Tonni!!