Thursday, November 6, 2008


So, I'm at the grocery store today. Making my way through the produce when WHAM! I hit the edge of the nut display and 2 cereal boxes shoot off the bottom of my cart. Uhhh...ok. Hopefully the cute guy stocking lettuce DOESN'T NOTICE, but of course HE DOES. He politely laughs and jokes. Little does he know I was looking at him when I ran into the nuts. LOL! So, we laugh about the set up of the display and I go about my shopping. I head to the deli when I realize that I have to go back over to the lettuce because that was the way I was headed when I go side-tracked by the hottie's hotness. (And I think I was trying to read his nametag! LOL!) I sheepishly make my way back to his side of the produce and have to make small talk AGAIN. Such a shame, NOT! Anyways, he joked about me forgetting to get what I came for. Ugh. At least he didn't call me Ma'am. His name was Jon H. by the way.... ;-)