Sunday, December 4, 2005

Pizza Hut, Yellow Crane Tower and Pistachio Nuts

I was going to post more about our day yesterday, but was much too tired so write, so I just did the pictures. I’m sure the pictures were much more appreciated than the journal entry anyways...right Aunt Cheryl??

After a great nap (see pictures from yesterday) we met with Liz, Brion and Isaac for a brisk walk to Pizza Hut. By brisk I mean, 25-30mph winds with blowing dust and grit. It was a bit chilly last night as well, about 45 degrees. We had to walk about 6 blocks or so it get to the Pizza Hut. We had a very nice both on the upper level of this 2 story restaurant. Julia was not impressed with either our selections of pizza. We ordered a pineapple and ham and a supreme. She did eat some of the garlic bread and liked my triple-berry smoothie (Aunt Theresa would approve!). Isaac on the other hand plowed through everything that they put in front of him. His is a chow-hound. :-) Interesting fact at Pizza Hut: Liz went to get salad with the plate on the table. She got in trouble from the waitress and needed to start her salad all over again in a bowl. We soon found out why. Making salads seems to be an art form. We watched a woman make a salad for nearly 30 minutes. It was beautiful when she was ton, but it must have weighted 3 pounds! We think that she might have made it for the entire family.

After PH, we went worked our way back to the hotel. Seeing how Julia did not eat well, we stopped at McDonald’s for some fries. McDonald’s is the universal language. I ordered without any help from our guide and just pointed to the fries. The girl working asked, "Large?" I smiled and said "Yes, please". We were able to get through this transaction just fine. Peace, Love and McDonald’s for our little girl!! We then stopped at a little shop just outside the hotel (see picture of man in store). We have shopped there 3 times now and the man is very nice. We bought 4 oranges, 3 large waters, a Dove chocolate bar (for Mom!), 2 bags of pistachios (for Dad!) This seemed to make the man smile. So I decided to ask him if we could take his picture.

Getting Julia to bed was another struggle. She appears to have some great reservations about heading to bed. She cries "AYI AYI AYI AYI" over and over. We think this is what she called her foster mom. There have been times that I have told her that I want to cry for my mom too. :-) Wayne was able to console her after about 45 minutes of crying. Once she takes the bottle she is usually out for the night. Which a great thing!

Oh! I forgot to mention that we went to a Christian bookstore just next to the hotel. Michelle Dykema had recommended it. We met Mark, the shop owner and he is a very sweet man. He has some really fantastic Chinese christian items. Liz and I plan on going back there to do some major shopping! :-) We also attended a Protestant church service here in Wuhan. There were far more people there than I had expected. I took pictures of the outside of the church, but did not take then during the service which according to Rosalind lasts nearly 2 hours. We were happy to have the kids sit well for 15 minutes!

About today (our Sunday): Rosalind met us again at 9:30 (this seems to be our time!). It was off to the church service first, then to the Yellow Crane Tower. It’s beautiful. It was high on my must-see list of things to do while in Wuhan. WARNING! History lesson coming! It was very beautiful there. I hope my pictures show how great the view was from the top of the tower
As one of the 'Three Famous Towers South of Yangtze River', Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan was originally built during the Three Kingdom Period (220-280) for military purpose. Thousands of years later, experiencing several times of destroy and rebuilt, the extant tower was rebuilt in 1981. As a place for poets and literators in Tang Dynasty (618-907) to hold parties and celebrations, many beautiful stories about the Yellow Crane Tower are popular among Chinese.

After the tower, we made our way back to the hotel. Julia and I had a fun time playing with Play-Doh. Unlike Anna, she did not eat it! She loved mixing all the colors together. We are now selling some YinGui original Play-Doh’s sculptures. Bidding to start at $5.00 a piece! I think we managed to get all the Play-Doh off the carpet and then it was on to pistachios. Poppa!! We have found a little one that might be able to out eat you when it comes to these little nuts. Julia loves pistachios! Between her and Wayne, I barely got any. Once the pistachios were gone, we moved on to oranges. Once again, I peeled everything and Julia and Daddy ate most of it. She likes oranges as well. They way she eats, it’s almost as if she’s a vegetarian. I’m not complaining! We are thrilled that she loves fruit and nuts. Hopefully that will rub off on Cameron and Anna!
Well, I need to take a break. Hope all is well back home! We miss you all and can’t wait to be back.

Poppa Bill's Pistachio Partner!! I know she's sideways, but my laptop won't let me get into my pictures to change it!! Sorry!! Posted by Picasa

Poppa Bill's Pistachio Partner!! I know she's sideways, but my laptop won't let me get into my pictures to change it!! Sorry!! Posted by Picasa

I'll do it myself!!! Posted by Picasa

Daddy, open these pistachios for me! Posted by Picasa

Sorry about my big head in the way, but she was laughing so hard and having a great time!!! Posted by Picasa

Uncle Wendell, do you like our color choices? What about the style? Is there a market for Chinese Play-Doh art? Posted by Picasa

Goofball kid! Posted by Picasa

Open this one, MOM! Posted by Picasa

We love Play-Doh! Posted by Picasa

PlayDoh time! Posted by Picasa

The big bell at the Tower Posted by Picasa

Julia and Daddy at the top of the Tower Posted by Picasa

View of the Yangzte River from the Yellow Crane Tower Posted by Picasa

The Yellow Crane Tower!! Posted by Picasa

Aunt Samantha, we took this picture just for you. This bush ties it's limbs in knots.  Posted by Picasa

Chinese Graffiti on the Bamboo trees Posted by Picasa

One of the building near the tower Posted by Picasa

Goose pond at Yellow Crane Tower Posted by Picasa

Typical street in Wuhan Posted by Picasa

Julia in the stroller looking a bit sleepy yet Posted by Picasa

The steeple of the church Posted by Picasa

Outside of the church that we went to this morning. Posted by Picasa

A little smile while waiting to blow bubbles Posted by Picasa

I'm 2 years old! Posted by Picasa