Monday, April 24, 2006

Ladybug Sightings and Easter

As you can see, I posted a ton of pictures that I recently took of Julia wearing her "Ladybug Picnic" shirt. As most of you know ladybugs are considered good luck for adoptive parents. I saw this shirt at JC Penney's and I knew I had to get Julia one. So I'm a little biased...I think she's just too darned cute in it. I also posted pictures of Easter Sunday. You know, we have some cute kids that clean up pretty well! In the one picture of Cam, Anna and Julia on the swings, you can see Cam's quad track in the back. He's become a wild man on the quad. :-)

I don't remember if I posted about Julia's CT results or not, but...we found out that Julia does have a cochlea (so she can hear!) but she doesn't have an ear canal. Which we kinda knew already. ;-) So, where do we go from here? Well, Dr. Mendians has recommended a place in Detroit, but I can't see to find anything that great on it. I'm now researching U of M (again!). Anna was diagnosed there and I feel confident about their abilities there. We'll see. Most ear reconstructions don't happen till kids are older, like 7-8 so we have awhile before we need to make a more definite plan.

Oh...Cameron and Anna are playing soccer again this year. YAY! All our Saturdays between now and June will be spent at MacPhail field. One more note...we decided it was time to buy a camper. Another big YAY! I'm so excited to have our own. I will post pictures of it when we get it. We had to order it and it's not ready yet. Camping will be much easier now.

Well, take care all and I hope you enjoy the new pictures!

The classic Julia squint Posted by Picasa

Happy Happy Girl! Posted by Picasa

My goofball! Posted by Picasa

Julia the thinker Posted by Picasa

Our "China Sprout" Posted by Picasa

Another ladybug sighting! Posted by Picasa

Julia and her new friend Posted by Picasa

My ladybug Posted by Picasa

Happy Wagner kids before church on Easter Sunday Posted by Picasa

All smiles before heading to church on Easter Posted by Picasa

Julia Posted by Picasa

The Cam Man Posted by Picasa

Lookin for eggs at Granny and Poppa's house Posted by Picasa

Julia and her loot Posted by Picasa

Anna saying, "It's been a long Easter!" Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Julia and the panda inside the atrium Posted by Picasa

This is catus believe it or not! Posted by Picasa

big catus! Posted by Picasa

I thought this flower was just too pretty Posted by Picasa

Catus Posted by Picasa

This is the "Pitcher Plant", I think. It's flowers hold water, you can see it better in the next picture Posted by Picasa

A smaller version of the next picture  Posted by Picasa

These were interesting flowers Posted by Picasa

Huge palm frons (did I spell that right?) Posted by Picasa

This butterfly landed on this lady's card, it was soooo cool! Posted by Picasa