Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Adoption Thought of the Day

I bought the book The Waiting Child by Cindy Champnella. It's a great story of how her adopted daughter Jaclyn holds out the hope that her friend Xiao Mei Mei will be adopted too.

This is an excerpt from the book that struck a cord in me...

"Love is mighty powerful thing to fight. I have loved, been loved and been in love. The one thing I know about love is that either it wins or you're miserable. There is no compromising love. There is no 'make a deal' with love. It wins or you lose. Love is not logical. Love doesn't care if boys like wiggly things. Love is not practical. Love doesn't care if you have the money or not. Love is not reasonable. Love doesn't care if you have the time or the energy or not. Love doesn't care if you are already exhausted. It doesn't care who needs therapy. It doesn't care how full or dirty your house is. Love doesn't care if you are old or afraid. How can you fight love and hope to win?"

I hope this has inspired you as much as it did me. Many hugs from the Wagner Clan!