Monday, June 20, 2005


At 9:34, Thursday June 16th...Michelle called to tell us that we got our Pre-Approval. WOOHOOO!! :-) SO...our time line is now LOI (letter of intent) sent on 5-26-05, PA 6-16-05. The average wait on the WCC board has been 49 days from LOI to PA. We waited 22 days!!! Amazing. The little boy from Yin's orphanage that we have pictures of...his parents got their PA as well. I got to meet his adoptive mom at a meeting that I went to last Thursday night. She seems very nice and I think that we are going to like traveling with them. They have 3 older kids, 18-16-13. They are thinking they'd like to take all of them with to China. EY EY EY. Maybe teenagers would be better than my little monkeys that are 7 and 5. Ok...I'm off for a while. Aunt Cheryl is still home and I need to call over there. :-) ta ta