Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Parades and T-Ball

I'm fairly tired and don't feel like writing a ton tonight, so here's a little run down on the latest pictures.

We agreed to pull a float for the Hart, Mears, Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce for a few parades this year. The 1st one being the National Asparagus Festival. Kids had a great time. We did another parade this last weekend, Walkerville Pioneer Days. Julia loved waving to people.

The latter group of pics are Cam's t-ball team. He's had an amazing year with it. We have enjoyed getting to know more families in our area. Cam has great sportsmenship and it makes us proud when he says, "It doesn't matter if we win or lose, Mom...as long as we had fun and tried our best." How awesome is that?

Well, take care and maybe I make a longer update later this week. :-)

Anna, Cam and cousin Mitchell ready for the 2006 National Asparagus Parade (in Hart, Michigan).  Posted by Picasa

The Oceana Singers all ready to sing. Posted by Picasa

Wayne's truck with the Oceana Singers all loaded up. Posted by Picasa

My happy flag wavers, Anna, Cam and Mitchell in the parade. Posted by Picasa

Here's our family (with Julia!) watching the parade. Posted by Picasa

Here's my grandma video taping us in the parade! Posted by Picasa

Can you find my cousin Lavonne? Hint: she's got a camera taking a picture of me, taking a picture of her! Posted by Picasa

Some of our friends watching the parade...Can you spot the VanSickles??? Posted by Picasa

Cameron checking his runner on first. Posted by Picasa

This is a typical crowd for a t-ball game. We are related to more than half of these people!! Posted by Picasa

Close up of Cam heading to 1st base Posted by Picasa

Julia and Daddy watching GeGe's (older brother in Chinese) game. Posted by Picasa

Cousin Mitchell, the power hitter. The blue guy in the back is Mitchell's dad and coach, Jason. Posted by Picasa

Cam's pal Logan getting a good hit. Posted by Picasa

Cam watching the ball take off (He got a double out of this hit!) Posted by Picasa

Cam up to bat at the game Monday night. Posted by Picasa