Sunday, July 31, 2005

We got it....We got it....the I-171H!!!!!

So....I headed out to get the mail as any other day. No big brown envelope, but a little white one containing the much sought after I-171H. YAY!!!!!! All we need to do is make a copy of it, and get it together with the rest of our adoption paperwork and take it to Lansing to get sealed!! I'd like to head to Lansing tomorrow, then get those documents off to Chicago to be authenticated. What's scary is that our address was printed on another couple's I-171H form. Yikes! What exactly is Homeland Security? :-)

I did some shopping to celebrate the arrival of our last form. I got Julia 2 new dress from Wal-mart. They were only $3.oo a piece so I couldn't pass that up. I also started to stock up on diapers, pull-ups, disposable bibs and wash clothes. It's super hard not to just buy everything! Auntie Cheryl, don't get any ideas!! :-)

Ok, I need to get in the shower. See ya!