Monday, February 2, 2009

Pics that I forgot about

She was so into this muffin yesterday
What is the Ladybugs and The Red Thread, without ladybugs?

Julia wearing her Chinese New Year dress that Auntie Dawn made. I love it, and she got TONS of compliments on it at school!

Julia comes down in the morning and this is her usual position!

Ju has a personal stylist do designed this outfit. Another great look!

Snowmobiling and pictures the kids took...

This is where the kids slide down the hill...yep, it's that steep and that scary!
Me and Wayne...are ya diggin' the sexy outfits?
The kids at the top

Julia enjoying the ride
My brother in law Jeff and my nephew Mackenzie
Anna, Cam, Ju and Wayne on top of Bigsby Hill (aka Morton Hill)
A view from the top of the hill
Another view