Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Swim Lessons/New kiddos on AAI

Nothing new really to post about today. Kids started swim lessons yesterday. Anna has Amy Way again (wooohoo!). Anna loves Amy, Amy loves having Anna in her group. Speaking of Level 1 group...Anna is the only one. Yep! One on one swim lessons. Anna gets Amy to herself for an hour. :-) Cameron is in Level 3. He has Matthew Sutton and some other girl for his instructors. Cam knows Matthew from church and from the 2 prior years of swimming. Cam is a little bummed that Nathaniel isn't around this year. Nathaniel is Matthew's brother (they both are Mik's sons) and one of the most fun instructors. Both the kids love the program at West Shore and for $40 a kid, it's a good deal. To keep it more in the family, Matthew and Nathaniel's mom, Polly is the director of the program. Sometimes Rosanna and David help out too. The entire Sutton family, with the exception of Mik. :-)

I noticed yesterday that AAI has new kids listed on their website. There is one little girl Jing Jing that I would love to have as well. She has some ear deformity. I think Julia's is a little more critical, but Jing Jing is a cutie. Cam is still asking for a brother, I think it's something that Wayne is giving more thought about. He would love another son and much as I would. There are more and more boys from China going up for adoption and I think as smooth (well, at times) as all this has gone, I'm up for another paperchase. Why not? Anna is getting a sister, Cam needs a brother. :-) Ok, I need to get the kids ready for swim lessons! Later!!