Wednesday, December 5, 2007

An update on the most precious little boy

I'm sure a few of you remember a little boy we were interested in adopting earlier this year. Well, if you recall, we choose not to pursue his adoption because the previous agency that had his file was very unethical and we couldn't work with them. I had been hoping and praying that he would get placed with a family or with another agency. On Saturday, December 1st, the 2nd anniversary of the day we officially adopted Julia....I found him. He is listed with a much better agency. My heart did flip-flops and I called Wayne from Tampa. I was so excited. I feel as though he has a much better chance of being adopted now that he is with agency who is of much better ethical standing. So for those of you that pray, please say a prayer for little Y.P. for the hopes that he can find his family. It's all about Hope...

New blogs

Hey everyone!

I added 2 new blogs to my links. Fellow adoptive moms Dawn and Tonni each write so beautifully and have the greatest kids. If you want, go check out their blogs too!