Monday, March 23, 2009

Vacation...All I ever wanted...Vacation....Had to get away

Can't you hear the Go-Go's singing? I can! I loved that song. :D Anywho...we are leaving on Thursday for Daytona Beach! Yep, get ready Florida, the Wagner's are coming!! Woohoo! I was trying to remember how many time I've been to down's what I can remember.
1978/1979 (My mom and Aunt took me over New Year's)
1992 (All the above trips were with my grandparents...and I loved every minute of it!!)
1999 (My sister Theresa and I went with Cameron...)
2000 (Christmas with the entire Askins family)
2003 (Our first family trip alone down there)
2004 (Wayne and I aren't sure if we went this year....) LOL!
2005 (Last trip...and before we got Julia...)
2009 (In 4 days!!)

Am I spoiled? I dunno. I have family in Florida, so that's the real reason we go. I can't WAIT to see my aunt Cheryl. My kids love her, love my uncle Wendell. Wayne likes going somewhere warm where we can swing our golf clubs. :)

Anyways, we are renting a house that has Internet, so I will be posting daily pictures to this blog and to the ladybugs blog! Stay tuned!!