Sunday, May 18, 2008

I finally broke down....

This past week I've gotten a hair over using coupons. I always have a some sort of deal when I get stuff at JC Penney's. (Oh yeah, my entire family is the a poster child for their clothes!) I'm way past needing to look cool or different. I started my little coupon collection for groceries. With gas nearly $4.00 a gallon here, it's time to find ways to save a little. (Um, my jewlery supplies don't count!) So when shopping this past week, I sat down with the Meijer's ad and checked for things that I needed, and if they were only sale. Plus, I checked to see if I had a coupon. Yes, ladies...I've turned into my mother. lol!

Drumroll.....I saved $26.40 with just the coupons I printed out or clipped. Add the nearly $55 that I saved for buying what was on sale (like the Buy 1, Get 2's) and I'll be damned if I didn't save over $80. YAY! lol! Wayne joked that I could have been doing this all long. Ummm...maybe, but I didn't have the patience or time or energy when the kids were smaller. Diapers and formula never go on sale. So it seemed pointless at the time. Thank goodness those days are over...or so it seems. ;-)

So shopping takes a little more time, but...hey...saving a little is worth it. Otherwise Wayne is going to make me get a ~*gulp*~ JOB! Hahahaha!