Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Last night in Wuhan!

This will probably the last post from Wuhan and then we are headed to begin the last leg of our journey in Guangzhou. Our flight leaves Wuhan on December 7th at 8:40am. We will then be GZ until the morning of the 11th when we will begin the long flight home to Michigan.
I got up this morning feel a little sad. It’s our last day in the home province of my newest daughter. We hope that we have took enough pictures and video and will be able to tell her someday all about the area of China that she came from. I have enjoyed our time in Wuhan. Maybe a little disappointed still at not seeing Xianning, but for Julia’s sake, that place would be too hard on her. Part of a being a parent is protecting your child from things that could be harmful. I would have to say that seeing Director Lu and the orphanage would be devastating for Julia.

Wuhan is a great city. The people seem friendly and helpful. Our guide, Rosalind has been just amazing. There are so many interesting things about Hubei and Wuhan that I’m sure I won’t remember them all. The Yellow Crane Tower, the park, the museum, Mao’s villa, all the little shops (Anna, Momma got you a present today at a shoe store. Do you know what it could be? Cameron, I'm still looking for something for you!)

As Julia lays sleeping this morning she has no idea as to what is about to happen. I can only pray that she adapts to yet another change in her short life. As we’ve walked the streets I look into the faces of the people we pass. Does Julia look like any of them? Could any of these people be her parents or relatives? We will never know. What I do know is that I am grateful to her birth parents for making probably the hardest choice they have ever faced...giving her up. If her birth parents could only know the joy and happiness that this one little girl is going to give us and our families.

It’s as though she was made for our family. She enjoys many of the same things that our biological children enjoy. Shoes! Anna loves shoes...so does Julia. Potato chips! Cameron loves snacks...so does Julia. Play-Doh! Anna loves it, so does Julia. McDonald’s! Cameron loves it, so does Julia. The list goes on. I can see traits of my mom (doesn’t like to be woke up too early and likes watermelon!), Grandpa Bill (loves pistachio nuts!), Grandpa George (likes to sing...Julia is always humming little songs!) We think that she may have a similar dimple to mine (the one under my right eye...although Julia’s is under her left one).

This morning we visited Guiyuan Si. It is a Buddhist temple in Western Hanyang. There are 500 arhat statues that were sculptures. It was so cool to see all the different Buddhas. We then went to a bonsai garden. I won’t bore you with tons of pictures from that, but Aunt Samantha is going to have a field day. The girl giving the tours was Samantha’s Chinese twin. She went to university for horticulture. She knew her stuff! She even looked up a tree name for me so I would remember. :-)

After the bonsai garden we headed back to the hotel. Wayne, Julia and I went to a shoe store to get a present for Anna. :-) I can’t wait to show her what we got! After shopping we went to the little street near the school for some snacks/lunch. Julia and I tried many new things (well, new for mom!). We ate little shrimp balls, something that tasted like stuffing on a stick, cabbage dumplings and Brion and Liz had a few other interesting items.

Liz and I later went to Mark’s Bookstore. I spent about 180 yuan ($22.30 USD). I got some really neat things!! Even something that I think Cameron will like. ;-) I’m not going to post much more as we have lots more to pack. Next time I post we will be in Guangzhou!!! Love you all!!

This is where we ate dinner tonight. It was good. Posted by Picasa

This is Mark, the christian book store owner. He is a very nice, nice man. Posted by Picasa

Here are the shop owners along with Julia and Wayne Posted by Picasa

Julia right at home in the shoe store!! Posted by Picasa

Rosalind and our driver, Mr. Lee outside the hotel  Posted by Picasa

Julia and Daddy Posted by Picasa

More of the happy one! Posted by Picasa

part of the bonsai park we were at today Posted by Picasa

statue of Guiyuan Si that we visited Posted by Picasa

Hey Grandpa Tom, this is coal bricks that the Chinese use for heat. Want us to bring some home? Posted by Picasa

3 necklaces that I got for the kids with their Chinese zodiac symbols: Julia to the left with the ram, Anna in the middle with the dragon and Cam to the right with the ox. Posted by Picasa

Morning skyline in Wuhan Posted by Picasa