Sunday, October 14, 2007

Camping, Soccer and Julia's 4th birthday!

Phew! I think it took me like 30 minutes to upload all these pictures (and not because I have slow internet either, I've got high speed baby!) and now I've got to do a little write up. We went camping at Poncho's Pond this weekend. It's the annual Halloween weekend and the kids had a blast getting all dressed up and trick-o-treating around the campground. We also had our 2nd to last soccer game. We beat the Lane team for the 3rd time! Wooohooo! Wagn'Coop is still the U-10 champs at this point. We have one last game on Satuday against the Willick team. They usually have a good team, but I think they got the shit end of the stick and we should easily beat them. Coach Cooper and I got the kids trophies for they efforts and I can't wait to see them. :-)
Today was also Julia's birthday! It's a day to celebrate and a day to mourn a bit in my mind. I'm beyond thrilled to have such a beautiful, smart and funny little girl as my daughter, but at the same time I know there is a mother grieving for her daughter that she will never see on her birthday again. Plus, I don't really know if today is her birthday. It was estimated by the orphanage and so this is the day we celebrate. Either way, we had a great time at Grams and Pop's house. Julia got tons of gifts and loved opening every one. :-)