Monday, August 22, 2005

Wow, I need to update more!!

Ok, so the documents made it back to Jenison on the 12th. They then left for China on the 16th, with Michelle's dossier. YAY!! So, as of today, our dossiers arrived in China at CCAA. Another YAY!!

So here lies the Big Wait. We (I) are trying to think of things to do to keep busy. From what our averages are saying on the WCC group, the wait should be around 70 days. Well, I think I've got a few more days till we can start counting, but I'm starting too anyways.

We are headed to Interlochen for camping on the 2nd of September for Labor Day weekend. Cameron's birthday is on the 8th and he will be 8 years old. On the 12th, I have Bunco at our house. On the 16th, we leave for Florida. YAYYYYY!! We will be there till the 24th. So September will be a busy month for us. October seems to be a little less busy. I'm thinking that I will spend a lot of time in Anna's class helping out. we working on picking out a website to use to create a journal/picture place for our trip to China to get Julia. Here's a few if you want to check them out and let me know what you think.

1. I'm leaning towards this one. It's ran by a Grand Rapids family and I like the amount of pictures that you can post.

2. This one has cool graphics and sound, but you can only post 5 pictures a day. Eh, it's my second favorite.

3. This one is cool too, but I had trouble loading pictures and I would hate to run into that while in China.

Well, I'm off. I need to finish up stuff. Take care and I'll be back to post soon. I promise!!!!