Thursday, October 13, 2005

We got the WHITE envelope! Happy early Birthday, Julia Renee!

Adoption update! Michelle and I finally conceded that we both are not getting the "brown envelope". Bummer to say the least, but AAI has the documents that we will need while in China. So...We got the packet of those papers today! Nothing that spectacular. Just another step in the long road to Julia.

Speaking of Julia...her 2nd birthday is tomorrow. I didn't think that I would be that down about it, but I am. If only we had moved a bit quicker to get our paperwork going, she might be home already. The what if's kill me. I do have to remember that we are working on God's time, not Melissa and Wayne time. :-) I guess Michelle, Liz, and I were meant to go through this process together. My hope is that not only have I gained a daughter, I will have gained two life-long friends. We bought Julia a few birthday presents. Aunt Samantha, Aunt Theresa, Anna and I picked out an Eeyore pull toy, stacking barrels, and a little bug phone. I will post pictures of the presents once we get back from camping.

Ok...I've got to email Michelle about the raisins. I will post that story too, later. :-)