Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today was the day....

Yep. November 30th, 2005. We became a family of 5! I would have never imagined it would have happened 7000 miles away from home. Wayne and I have been talking a lot about our trip to China and the whole adoption experience. From start to finish, everything went smooth. Julia's transition was fairly painless for all of us. We can't believe the little girl that our once scared toddler has become. So here are some fun Julia facts:

1. She's left handed (so is Wayne...but neither Cam or Anna is...)

2. She's not a huge meat eater, she'd rather have veggies, fruit, rice or noodles.

3. She loves to paint, draw, color, and write. She's got momma's crafty side!

4. She can beat any adult at the game of Memory. Doubt me? Come on over!

5. She talks openly about being adopted, her foster mom and Baba Lu (the orphanage director)

6. She loooovvveeeesss potato chips. Not any chips. Yellow bag ones, momma. (Lay's)

7. She loves to sing and can recall lyrics as good as I can.

8. Tickle fights are her favorite thing to play with me.

9. She only likes orange juice boxes...and will scold me for not getting them if we run out.

10. She's very proud of being Chinese and loves to look at books about China.

So yeah...I thought about getting all mushy, but I think the picture of me and her together says it all (see previous post). You all know how the story turned out. (And to think I wasn't going to blog much after we arrived home. HA. HA HA!)

Wayne and I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to parent 3 great kids. Yes, we have chaos; Yes I get stressed; Yes, I have clothes in the dryer that need to be folded; Yes, there are dishes to be done; Yes, my kids fight and fight and fight. But in the end, I woudn't trade my family for anything.