Thursday, May 19, 2005

MaryBeth called!!

Ok, so the day didn't go like I had thought. We didn't get to all the appointments that I wanted to., but...the big but....MaryBeth called today. We have our first 2 home visits scheduled. May 25th and June 1st. I need to get my arse in gear and get the recommended reading material and start reading. We need to read 4 books before we can schedule the last home visit. If we can go as fast as another family, we will be able to get it done in 4 weeks. Not that it will make our process go any faster, but I want to get all this outta the way so we can have a somewhat peaceful summer. I want to get all our paperwork for the dossier completed in record speed. I want MeiYin to get home before Christmas. Speaking of MeiYin...Wayne and I have jumped around on names again. We both really like MeiYin, but I haven't consulted Ming to see if she feels that it's an ok combination. I'm sort of leaning towards giving her an American name, just for her choice later on. I like Allyson. So her full name (if I get my way) would be Allyson MeiYin Gui Wagner. WOW! That is a mouthful...maybe I need to shorten it to Allyson MeiYin or Allyson YinGui. I don't know...I'm glad we have enough time to figure it out.

So, here's the game plan for tomorrow. Wayne and I hit the county clerks office for the application for passports. I'd like to hit sheriffs office too for the criminal checks. I doubt that will happen. Anna has her last day of preschool tomorrow as well. The graduation ceremony is at 7:00. I can't wait to see the PowerPoint they put together. Yes, Aunt Cheryl...I will either email that to you or send you a hard copy. :-) Ok...I'm tired. Night!! ;-)