Tuesday, December 16, 2008

For Kristi...

Well...Let me back up. My dad, sister and I moved out 2 old recliners through a doorway that required us to move the Christmas tree. (Note to self: Trying to move a fully decorated REAL tree is NOT a good idea.) Anyways, the merry band of movers thought we had the tree back in the "correct" spot, but knowing Wayne like I do, I knew he'd notice that it wasn't right. So, he started to move it and well, it's started to fall. Hence the giant "SHHHEEEEIIIITTT" comment from the other room. All the kids just looked at me as I ran over and shrugged their shoulders like, "Hey man, it's your deal." LOL!

The tree is back safe and sound to where it should be, no one was hurt by falling ornaments and Wayne and I are still on talking terms. Life is Good! :-)

However, now that my recliners are gone....I'm sitting in my 8 y/o's fuzzy purple moon chair. Nice, eh? Hahaha.....

Before the program and wearing her new dress!

Here's the dress that Dawn made for Ju! Wayne just yelled, "Sh*t" so I better go check what the deal is.