Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas with the Wagner's 2006

Tyler and Wayne loving their new shirts.

Our goofy family picture!

Julia getting ready to tear into another present.

Instead of the 3 wise men, it's the 3 wise sisters. Me, Samantha and Theresa.
Cam and Aunt Pammy PEACE'IN OUT!

Theresa, Samantha and Tyler checking out the guitar

Yes, the kids outside on Christmas Eve with no coats. It was 43 degrees here today!

As you can see, there is no snow! The kids love these deer.

The kids in front of the tree.

Grandma and Anna opening their matching aprons!

Poppa showing how much he likes Christmas!

Samantha with her nutcracker collection. She has over 250!

Julia looking too excited about opening presents!

Daddy, Cameron and Mommy before the BIG ONE is opened!

Anna showing off her new guitar. She's the new Sheryl Crow.