Friday, November 11, 2005

Well, if I can't get to China, I will read about it!

Here are some links to websites that I've been checking out as we wait for our travel approval. Enjoy! We will start in Beijing, spending a few days there touring the area and seeing some amazing sites. The Great Wall, Summer Palace, Tian'anmen Square, The Forbidden City just to name a few. I'm hoping to take a pedicab ride as well. Mark K. mentioned the hutong tours I hope we get to take one of those too.

After we tour Beijing, then it will be on to Julia's home province. She is from Xianning City, Hubei. From other families that have traveled to Hubei, it's beautiful. Maybe not the cities, but the countryside is. We will arrive in Wuhan, Hubei. Wuhan is about an hour and a half from Xianning City. Julia will be brought to us there either at the civil affairs office or at our hotel. We will be in Wuhan for almost a week as we do much paperwork for the adoption. While there we plan to tour The Yellow Crane Tower, Hubei Provincial Museum and one of Mao's summer houses in Wuhan.

Once the paperwork is complete in Wuhan, it's on to Guangzhou. That is where the U.S. Embassy is located. Julia will have a medical exam and her visa photo taken there. There is more paperwork to be completed so her visa can be processed. We will spend about 3-4 days in Guangzhou where I've heard the shopping is WONDERFUL! :-)

Enjoy the links as you check out where we will be headed!!