Monday, August 29, 2005

Countdown to Daytona!!

While doing all the laundry today, I started to put clothes together for our trip to Florida. YAY! We leave on the 16th, which is only 19 short days away and that's 19 days closer to being in China! :-) I think the kids are happy about the trip. All Anna wants to do is go shopping. Cam wants to go to Daytona USA. I want to go to Aunt Catfish's!!! Wohooo!

Not much to report on the adoption front. We are now just waiting for China to give us the ok to travel. In about a month or so, we will apply for our visas. More fed-exing stuff to Chicago to the consulate. This time we need to use a courier. I'd just as soon drive down to Chicago for the day. That would be a fun road, Liz and Michelle. I'm still waiting to get the OK from Wayne to set up our family website. We decided on the Our China Adoption site ( I like the amount of pictures that you can load. I want to be able to post a boat load of them once we get our Julia.

Only one other thing to share, I've got some weirdo rash. :-) I thought it was poison ivy, but now I'm not so sure. I'll be heading to the doc's office tomorrow. G'night for now!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Wow, I need to update more!!

Ok, so the documents made it back to Jenison on the 12th. They then left for China on the 16th, with Michelle's dossier. YAY!! So, as of today, our dossiers arrived in China at CCAA. Another YAY!!

So here lies the Big Wait. We (I) are trying to think of things to do to keep busy. From what our averages are saying on the WCC group, the wait should be around 70 days. Well, I think I've got a few more days till we can start counting, but I'm starting too anyways.

We are headed to Interlochen for camping on the 2nd of September for Labor Day weekend. Cameron's birthday is on the 8th and he will be 8 years old. On the 12th, I have Bunco at our house. On the 16th, we leave for Florida. YAYYYYY!! We will be there till the 24th. So September will be a busy month for us. October seems to be a little less busy. I'm thinking that I will spend a lot of time in Anna's class helping out. we working on picking out a website to use to create a journal/picture place for our trip to China to get Julia. Here's a few if you want to check them out and let me know what you think.

1. I'm leaning towards this one. It's ran by a Grand Rapids family and I like the amount of pictures that you can post.

2. This one has cool graphics and sound, but you can only post 5 pictures a day. Eh, it's my second favorite.

3. This one is cool too, but I had trouble loading pictures and I would hate to run into that while in China.

Well, I'm off. I need to finish up stuff. Take care and I'll be back to post soon. I promise!!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2005

They made it Chicago

According to Fed-Ex tracking, our documents arrived at 12:08pm. YAY!! So now they will spend 5-7 days there getting authenicated. Once they are finished, they will arrive back at AAI's office in Jenison, Michelle will get our dossier ready and it will be sent out. Another YAY!

I'm off for back later!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

The first post of August

Well, it's not August 1st, but it's my first post of the new month. :-) Let me start with the drive to Lansing on Monday. It sucked. Not the drive actually, but the bad news that I got at the Great Seal office sucked. Aunt Pam rode with me to Lansing, I had a great time as usual with Aunt Pam. We got there in record time thanks to my speed racer type driving. But, it was all for naught. 3 of my documents were not notarized correctly. Yep, drove 3 hours there for nothing. I did get 7 of the total 10 sealed, but I had to come back on Tuesday to get the other 3 sealed. How did this happen you ask? Our wonderful notary lady at West Shore Bank had the wrong commission date on her notary stamp and that's what sent us back. Huge Bummer. Anyways all is well and all the documents got sealed...In fact, they are now making their way to Chicago to get authenicated. YAY!!! Woohoo....Snoopy dance time. :-) So at this point, there is nothing else for us to do but wait. Wait for the documents to get back to Michelle at AAI, wait for the dossier to be sent out to China. That will be another grand day. I can't wait to get a DTC date (Dossier to China), then from that wait, it turns into waiting for a LID (Log in Date) the date that China logged your dossier into the CCAA system. From the LID or DTC the wait has been about 68.97 days and that's for families that send their dossiers after sending their letter of intent. So hopefully the wait for a LID won't be too long.

I've been talking to Liz (the Brooks family that is adopting Isaac, the little boy in our pictures of Julia). She is really getting excited as well. We talked more about her family what how they feel about stuff. I'm so very happy to have met such a great family and have the opportunity to travel with them. Our consultant Michelle is also adopting from China. We are all hoping to be in Guangzhou (gwun-joe) together. Michelle is the one that took our pictures and video of Julia. Speaking of Julia, we have decided to give her an American middle name as well. She will be Julia Renee YinGui Wagner. Renee is Auntie Cheryl's middle name and we like it. That we are incredible suck-ups. HAHAHAHAHAHHAA!! Not really, just kidding. Aunt Cheryl has really been the one true supportive person (as has Aunt Pam too). Anyways...So that can be the latest gossip. :-)

I'm off, I need to track my package as it heads to Chicago. Woohooooooo!!!!! G'night!