Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Recent pics...

Blue Jay eating a corn cob
Cardinal eating the same cob

Another view of the red head

Because you know I can't pass one without taking it's picture!

Sissy with 3D glasses
Cam and Anna playing Wii

A close up of me...forgive that bad hair...Wayne in background

Random things that annoy me today

1. Parents receive a referral for a sn's child from a particular province and want to know about that need and about the province. HELLO! If you've been waiting for years or at least many months have you not try to read up on China and it's provinces? I spent TONS of time reading about China. Back when we were waiting I could tell you what each province was known for and it's capital! About the needs...didn't that family have to fill out a medical needs checklist? Well, if I'm checking off needs that I'm ok with, I damned well have read a little on each one! Aye aye aye! Makes no sense to me!

2. Ice, snow, winter, cold feet (literally, not figuratively), wearing tons of clothes to keep warm

3. Smelly wet dogs

4. Taking down Christmas stuff...never seems like it was long enough...

5. Running out of French Vanilla creamer before my first cuppa Joe

6. Feeling tired before the day has even started

7. Wanting to get out to get to the store, but knowing the roads are still ice covered and slick

8. Wii remotes that aren't charged or outta batteries!!

9. The Proactive commercials.

10. Waiting for CCAA to send medicals for particular little boy.......

All this before 9:15am....it's going to be a GRRRREAT day! LOL!