Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Random things that annoy me today

1. Parents receive a referral for a sn's child from a particular province and want to know about that need and about the province. HELLO! If you've been waiting for years or at least many months have you not try to read up on China and it's provinces? I spent TONS of time reading about China. Back when we were waiting I could tell you what each province was known for and it's capital! About the needs...didn't that family have to fill out a medical needs checklist? Well, if I'm checking off needs that I'm ok with, I damned well have read a little on each one! Aye aye aye! Makes no sense to me!

2. Ice, snow, winter, cold feet (literally, not figuratively), wearing tons of clothes to keep warm

3. Smelly wet dogs

4. Taking down Christmas stuff...never seems like it was long enough...

5. Running out of French Vanilla creamer before my first cuppa Joe

6. Feeling tired before the day has even started

7. Wanting to get out to get to the store, but knowing the roads are still ice covered and slick

8. Wii remotes that aren't charged or outta batteries!!

9. The Proactive commercials.

10. Waiting for CCAA to send medicals for particular little boy.......

All this before 9:15am....it's going to be a GRRRREAT day! LOL!


Dawn said...


1. I hear ya about the research thing, it makes me crazy too, especially the need part, if you checked it you should KNOW it inside and out!
2. YUP YUP YUP and YUP, I haven't felt my feet in months because they are sooo cold and have 2 layers of socks on at all times.
3.Don't like dogs so smelly ones would be even worse.
4..Especially when you are too busy sewing to actually put anything out until 2 weeks before.
5. Try this, heat some milk and add hot cocoa to it, then add a teaspoon of carmel ice cream topping to it and mix all that equally with the same amount of coffee...oh yeah and top it with whipped cream, it puts St$rbucks to shame...probably more calories though! LOL
7. YUP, same here, but the 2 Benadryl I took to sleep probably didn't help with that feeling.
8. No Wii for us, wish I knew that frustration.
9. Jitterbug commercials make me the craziest
10. I wish they would send them to you too, but I thought the agency removed him from their list anyway, is he still available?

Melissa Wagner said...

10. Yeah, he's available. They took his (and others) info down til they have the medicals. We better be the first ones to see his file when it arrives, though damn it. LOL!

P.S. If anyone from the CCAA is reading this, I mean no ill will, just wishing to see this little boy's file SOON. :-)

Liam said...

1. That's totally like people who go on Survivor and never bother to do things like practice how to make fire or learn about the country they're going to... idiots.

3. OMG... remember that commercial where they had something that covered scents? "Now what do you smell?" "Pine Trees... and a wet dog."

5. I stopped using cream and sugar in my coffee mainly out of laziness...

Jess and Tim said...

I am frustrated today too!!! I hope your day improved!

Kristi said...

So with you on numbers 1 and 5. Number 1 irritates me about other people, and number 5 irritates me about my own forgetfulness when I'm at the grocery!

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

I hope your day got better! And I love my little slipper socks, my feet are always cold!