Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm taking my "other" blog down for bit...with the holidays coming, I barely have enough time to write and post to one, let alone two! :-) No biggie.

Things that annoy me lately

1. Breaking my thumb nail down so far that you can't trim it and having it bleed forever. (You have no idea how much you use your thumbs until you can't. Like pulling down jeans to pee, putting earrings in, washing your's endless!)

2. Snow. Winter. Cold.
2a. Trying to find doggie poo in the snow so the piles don't become secret boobie traps for kids that want to play outside.

3. The whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday thing...Deals will be out there if you look hard enough. Every day I get a new coupon for some store!

4. Feeling like I need to drop a buck every time I enter a store with a bell ringer out front (even though I always do and enjoy it, it still bugs me if I don't have the dollar.)

5. People who pull out in front of me while driving and don't get MOVING FAST ENOUGH!

6. Kids who don't take care of their winter clothes so there's a trail of hats, mittens, and boots from the door all the way through the house....

7. Feeling like a fraud because my kids still believe in Santa when their friends are making fun of them because they know the truth.

8. Forgetting to warm up the van before we head out...cold seats are not my favorite!

If you all are lucky, I'll let you in on what I DO ENJOY! LOL! :-)