Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Julia's Birthday

I know in my last post I talked about just posting pictures, but…I thought I would write a quick update.

We still continue to be the busiest family in the world. We’ve had classes at church, family outings, school projects and we are now getting ready for the last camping trip of the year. Poncho’s Pond here in Ludington has a huge Halloween party weekend and it’s become a Wagner family tradition.

One a happier/sadder note, this is Julia’s birthday weekend. On October 14th she turns 3. I’ve talked at length with other adoptive moms about how sad it is that we have no way of knowing exact birthdays (as most kids aren’t left with a note) and that our hearts ache for their birth families. Part of Julia’s past is that we know that she was about 1 month old when she was left at the orphanage gate. I know how heartbroken that her mother is. I know that decision was not an easy one for her or her family. If I could have one wish, it would be to be able to tell them how beautiful their daughter is, how smart and funny she is, what and absolute joy she has been for our family. If I could only get a picture to them and show them how great she’s doing here. We also feel for Julia’s foster mom. From the pictures we got from Julia’s SWI (social welfare institute), it showed a really big birthday cake last year for her birthday. In Hubei, adoptive parents are not allowed to meet the foster parents. We would have loved the opportunity to meet the wonderful woman that took care of Julia for her first 2 years.

So in honor of Julia’s birth mom and foster mom, I’m going to repost my Kissing the Moon poem. Enjoy.

Kissing the Moon

Ever so quietly she tip-toes to the gate, she's dressed you in the finest outfit. She places you where she knows that you will be found soon. The tears flow freely down her red cheeks. She kisses you softly on the forehead and wishes the best for the baby she can not keep.

She waits, the sun is coming up. There is a man on his way to work. He sees the tiny bundle at the gate. He motions to the workers inside to come and open up. They take you inside. She hurries away; she knows that you are now going to be taken care of.

Somewhere she knows what your real birth date is.
Somewhere she knows what your real name is.
Somewhere she knows how much she loved you and wanted the best for you.
Somewhere she weeps knowing she missed your first tooth and your fist steps.
Somewhere she looks at the moon hoping that you will find your way to a family that will love you as much as she does.

Many miles away that family has made room in their hearts for the little girl that has touched them in so many ways.
Many miles away, that family is making room in their home.
Many miles away, they talk about clothes, and new names for the little one they have only seen pictures of. Soon they will travel across a big ocean. They know this is the daughter that was meant for them.

If there were some way to let her know how much that family will love and cherish her beautiful baby girl. They will never harm her; they will support her and take care of her. She will be loved as though she is one of their own.

When we look at the moon, we hope and pray that she is seeing that same moon and will know in her heart that her baby is safe.We love you sweet one. We love the one that did the hardest thing she's ever had to do. She shall live forever in our hearts as the one that brought us together.