Monday, January 28, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway!! I've wanted to be part of this bloggy giveaway thing for awhile (even though I've never entered one except for Tonni's!) and I'm finally going to do it. Here's the really cool link to all the neato folks that are giving things away!! Here's what I'm giving away! There are 2 pairs of earrings that I made. The first pair are made with 2 Japanese white tensha with sakura cherry blossoms beads , 2 smaller red seed beads all on gold wire hooks. The second pair was inspired by the red Chinese New Year lanterns you see hanging. There are 2 silver "lantern" beads with 3 smaller seed beads on silver wire hooks. :-)

How to win them: Just comment on this post saying you want to be entered. Make sure to leave a blog address or email address! Shipping is on me. So, just check back here on FEBRUARY 3RD to see if you won! Woohoo!

PhotobucketBecause I'm THRILLED to have so many people sign up for my earrings, I decided to give away an addition 3 pairs. Ok...they won't all look exactly like the ones above, but...who doesn't like FREE STUFF?? Good Luck!