Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Julia on China, Adoption, and The New Year celebration

Julia and I often have deep converations about her adoption, living in China and celebrating holidays. She knows we are meeting up with the Brooks family (they adopted their son at the same time we did) and so we had a long talk about China tonight.

Julia: Mom, why you come to China to adopt me? (Her exact words, I swear!)
Me: Because we wanted another daughter and you needed a Momma and Daddy
Julia: Baba Lu (orphanage director) he helped you find me?
Me: Yep, he sent your paperwork to a place that put your picture on the internet and we saw you and knew that you were our baby girl
Julia: My foster mom loved me?
Me: YES!! Of course she did, but Baba Lu knew you needed parents that could take care of you forever
Julia: Baba Lu, he a good guy?
Me: (Ok, I don't know the answer to this, but from what I've been told, yes...he's very nice!) Yes, Baba Lu is a nice man.
Julia: I like to see him again, with my foster mom
Me: I hope we can see them too
Julia: What about my 1st mommy (birth mom)?
Me: Well, we don't know who she is, I don't know how to find her
Julia: Moooom, she look like ME! Like Anna look like you
Me: Yeah, you're right. :-)
Some of this is heavy! She's 4 and I want her to know that it's ok to talk about how she feels. I truly think a very open heart is the way to approach this. I don't want her to ever think that she can't talk to me about China or her life there before us.
Julia: Mom, will you put some pictures of China on your 'puter (meaning website)
Me: Sure, anything you want!
Julia: Will you put the pictures of when you and Daddy came to get me?
Me: Of course! I like looking at those
Julia: Your hair was long and you were fat then. (Thanks, kid!)
Ok...so here are some pictures of our trip to China in celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year. Remember these were taken in November/December 2005. Julia was just 25 months and just a tiny peanut!!

This picture was taken as we got ready to leave the hotel in Beijing and fly to Wuhan to get the babies. We would be proud parents for the 3rd time in a few short hours from then!