Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ok ok...just a few...

"M" for Mom? NO! "M" for Melissa? NO! "M" for Michigan? YES! (Boooo....who got into the Big Dance again this year? Hmmm....oh wait! Who didn't even get invited to the N.I.T. tourney? Sorry Tyler!! (N.I.T. standing for NOBODY'S INTERESTED TOURNAMENT!)

The eggs we colored Friday night...

This morning before church...a HUGE thanks to Tonni for the matching bow and headband!!
The classic 3 sister picture...Theresa, Me, and Samantha (with her head tilt...)

Julia and my sunglasses. She's sitting on 20 packages of laminate flooring that will be going into our upstairs...YAY!

Yeah, she's cool...yeah, she knows it!

Day #2: 2 more miles...done

Yeah, so 2 miles doesn't sound like a's more than I wanted to walk on a night like tonight. It's cold, blustery but alas SUNNY. The sun alone makes me want to walk. OH! Sorry there are not any Easter pics yet. I'm not in the mood to download them and all that jazz...gonna have to wait til tomorrow. ;-)

I wanted to show you my inspiration for walking's a bathing suit. The one I have is just like this, but in shades of pink. I can wear it,'s not that prettiest sight. Losing another 20-25lbs will look much better!! LOL!