Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day #2: 2 more miles...done

Yeah, so 2 miles doesn't sound like a's more than I wanted to walk on a night like tonight. It's cold, blustery but alas SUNNY. The sun alone makes me want to walk. OH! Sorry there are not any Easter pics yet. I'm not in the mood to download them and all that jazz...gonna have to wait til tomorrow. ;-)

I wanted to show you my inspiration for walking's a bathing suit. The one I have is just like this, but in shades of pink. I can wear it,'s not that prettiest sight. Losing another 20-25lbs will look much better!! LOL!


Aunt Cheryl said...

Good job! Hey maybe the cold will help you walk faster (lol).

Dawn said...

Wow, I can't even think about a swimsuit until I loose about 30lbs, think I can do that before tuesday when we go to the indoor waterpark????? nah, me neither, I guess I will just have to scare the other patrons, maybe we'll get the place to ourselves when people see me in mine! BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Melissa Wagner said...


Ask my Aunt Cheryl (who posted above you!) about what you see on the beaches of Florida. If I ever thought that I was wearing something to skimpy, there is always a chick 50lbs heavier wearing something SMALLER than what I was wearing. I have no desire to wear a bikini again (too many stretch marks), but I don't want to have to wear a "mom" suit either. ;-) If I get brave, I'll post of picture of me in my suit this summer.