Saturday, November 17, 2007

Singing in the car...Mom and Madonna

While riding in the car today, the girls and I were listening to my iPod. There's a song that we all like called "Sorry" and it's by Madonna. Yeah, I know...but remember, I'm the classic Material Girl from the 80's. I have passed down some of my guilty pleasures to my kids. Haha! Madonna just happens to be one of them. ANYWAYS...the song comes on and Anna and Julia start singing. We just had a great time jammin. I love seeing the girls enjoying themselves and having a good time together instead of fighting. :-)

So that got me god. Madonna is now into her 2nd (maybe even some 3rd) generation of listeners and fans. Somehow, I think I knew that she'd have that kind of staying power. Sex sells. She's an amazing performer and by the recent concert I watched, I think she'll keep reinventing herself for years to come. I also had shared with the girls that Madonna had adopted a child. Julia was like, "Is she a good mommy?" LOL! I think you can be a rock star and still be a good mom, but....who knows? Whose to judge? Anna wanted to know if I listening to Madonna when I was a kid and I said yes. Where were my parents when I was listening to "Like a Virgin" back when I was 10? HAHAHHAHA! I don't think she was a bad influence. I turned out to be a Polly Purebred Soccer Mom. ;-)

Um, here are a few pictures that I found of the Madonna that I remember....80's hair and all, and the Madonna that my girls know. Anna has no idea it was even the same person!