Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Betcha can't beat this!

Wayne and I stopped for gas tonight. I went inside to pee and get a snack. As I was going to pay, Wayne was coming in. He had his receipt in his hand. He walks up to the girl working and said, "I think I just paid .19 cents for gas." She got a horrified look on her face as she look at her pump computer. Yep. Premium gas was .19 cents!!! It was supposed to be $1.99!! Woohoo! Not that it really matters, because Wayne has a gas card for work. But Cal-Chlor only had to pay $4.25 for 21 gallons of gas!

Friday, January 23, 2009

For Dan...the trailer

Lost one...

I lost a follower of the blog some time in the past week. I wonder why... Not that it hurts my feelings or anything, and to be honest, I really hadn't noticed they left! LOL! Sigh...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Celebrating History!

Julia in her turtle fur and hat
Anna in her hat and turtle fur

Me and the girls out for dinner at Applebee's; celebrating the inauguration!! I had a Bahama Mama for Obama with dinner

Wayne and Cam
This bird let me get within about 3ft of him before he took flight. Not sure if he was ill or hurt, but was very cool to get this close!

This is a small video of Julia and what she thought about yesterday...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here he comes!

Winter continued...

Trees near our house
Really cool drifts on the roof at that barn

Heading south on Morton Rd south of Deren

Looking east on Meisenheimer from Morton

Orchards in Riverton Township

A snow bank that was as high as the mirror on Wayne's truck!!

Granny and Poppa's porch

The snowplowed path to the garage at Poppa's

A snowmobile trail we drove down in Oceana county, near Jefferson Rd

Snow on trees

More trees covered in snow

Ollie being a goof, he loves to roll in the snow!

So, I'm sure you're wondering why I took a picture of my van tire. Welllll...I couldn't figure out what was making all the racket while driving yesterday. Um, see all that snow and ice in the wheel well? It was rubbing on the tire and making the noise! DUH! Man, do I feel stupid! LOL!

Cabin Fever getting the best of the girls and Wayne

More goofballs
Julia eating an apple while standing on the furnace at Granny's blowin all around

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reason #509 Why I'd like to move to somewhere warmer

The camper isn't going anywhere for a while!
Pine tree out front with snow

North side of the house with a drift that is taller than me!

Anna running the snowblower!!

The driveway before Bruce plowed

A tree with snow covered branches

Looking towards the east from our house...those are apple trees in the foreground

The basketball hoop...

Wayne and Bruce in the freshly groomed driveway

The gas tank nearly buried!