Sunday, July 20, 2008

Indian River 2008: Camp Out

Well, as I predicted in the Vacation Message post, here I am blogging from my campsite in Indian River, Michigan. :-) Yes, there is a heaven when you have a great wireless connection in a little slice of woodland peace. far, we attended a super cool craft show, watched my nephew Eric compete in a biathlon (kayak and bike), survived a horrible thunderstorm while trying to do a fish dry and hit the beach to catch a few summer rays. Here are some of the pictures that most of you would rather see. :-) Oh yeah...our kids love the Michigan Chiller books by Jonathan Rand (aka Christopher Knight). He has a store right here in Indian River and we love checking out his work. On Saturday we stopped on the way into town and he HAPPENED TO BE THERE AT HIS STORE!! EEEYYYEEAAHHHH!! He's super nice and very cool. I got to take a picture with 10 of our camp kids with him. YAY! Anyways...enjoy the pictures!

This is the outside of Chillermania in Indian River where we get our Michigan Chiller books at. Pretty neat place inside and out.

Here are most of our kiddos, minus a few with the author Jonathan Rand!

Wayne, Me and Julia after the HUGE RAIN STORM that drenched everything....

Weird picture that Julia took of the lights under the tarp

This is my lovely niece Shelly...she's got a fish ball in her mouth and didn't want me to post this. GOTCHA!
Here is brother Greg, friend Dave and brother Jeff enjoying their adult beverages

brother John and nephew Adam making home made potato chips

Jess, Lori and Cindy waiting for dinner to be ready

Part of our fish fry party

Fish balls....take a little piece of good fish, wrap it in bacon...cook on a grill, once done, move to pan with BBQ sauce.