Saturday, May 31, 2008

Am I spoiled?

Sooooo...we lease our vans and trucks. Makes us able to get the vehicle we want, at a lower payment that we can afford. I know leasing has it critics and I'm sure people don't agree with our reasons for doing it. Personally, I don't care what other people think. It's our money, our life...if we deem newer cars as something we want...well, that should be up to us. ;-) (I'm thinking my crankiness tonight has something to do with PMS, I could be wrong though!)'s my new ride!! After 1 white minivan, 1 silver Intrepid and 1 silver minivan, I wanted COLOR! If you know me, red is my favorite color. Momma wanted red this time and she got it! Yessss! Wayne called the dealership we've used for the past 3 cars, Lakeshore Chrysler Jeep Dodge and spoke with our FAVORITE salesguy Todd. Ok, so Todd happens to be one of those super cool guys that I used to drool over when I was younger. He was a hottie basketball star and all of us girls wanted to be around him. ANYWAYS...Todd knows us well and what we want in a new van and he happened to have one that was going to work. Todd could be selling snowballs to Eskimos and I'd still be in line to get them from him! ;-) I went down yesterday and test drove it, try it out and Todd and I worked out the numbers with Wayne. It was a done deal. The cherry van was going to hanging out in my garage! Wayne tells me I'm spoiled. I dunno...if I were spoiled, I'd still be driving the old silver mule and taking a plane to China about now for another son. Hahahaha!