Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Another view from our room Posted by Picasa

View of Guangzhou from out hotel room tonight Posted by Picasa

Nakie girl givin' the peace sign in the tub! Posted by Picasa

Julia getting the "Jimmy Neutron" hairstyle that Anna loves so much! Posted by Picasa

This is more of a mowhawk style... Posted by Picasa

This is one of the doctors that Julua saw today. Posted by Picasa

This is where we went for Julia's medical appointment this afternoon. All kids adopted out have to pass through here. Posted by Picasa

We are now in Guangzhou!!

We have made it safely to Guangzhou. We left Rosalind and Mr. Lee (our driver) in Wuhan around 8:00am this morning. Everything with the flight went great. Julia never cried or made much of fuss. We are hoping that it will be the same when it comes to flying home. Our longest leg will be from Hong Kong to San Francisco. It’s about 11 hours. I’m sure she will be fine.
We met our new guide, Wayne (Yes, believe it or not!), at the airport. He seems to be super friendly and I’m trying to hook him up with my sister Samantha. (Just kidding!). We arrived at the Garden Hotel on the early side so were not allowed to check into our rooms just yet. We walked to a McDonald’s that was close by and had lunch. Only bad part is that the McDonald’s is close to all the schools, so it was like a high school cafeteria.

Once back at our hotel, we had to wait some more for our rooms to be finished. I know what it’s like to have impatient people waiting to get into room before they are complete, so I was in no rush. :-) Our rooms are not nearly as nice as The Mayflower, but the Garden Hotel is nice all the same. Nothing would be as nice as my own bed that has cat and dog hair stuck to the bedspread. Well, maybe it’s not so hairy seeing how my grandparents have been staying at our house. :-)
Wayne (our guide) came and got us around 3:00 to go to the medical appointment for Julia. She needed to be check before we leave China. The medical appointment is quite simple compared to American standards. We were first checked for heart/lung sounds and a visual check of her body. Passed that one and on to the ENT. Now, I’m somewhat an expert on the ENT part seeing how we’ve had 5+ years of experience with Anna. The "ENT" doctor had one good eye. She kinda checked Julia’s ears. She then looked into her nose and throat. According to Wayne (our guide) the doctor threatened Julia (not in a mean way!!) but she told Julia that she needed to look in her mouth because she had let Julia play with her toys. YIKES! Wayne (our guide) laughed it off. It was more like the doctor was teasing Julia. Julia passed the ENT part of the test. Last but not least it was the temperature and weight. Her temp was good and her weight was fine (I guess!). Phew! She passed her first test!

Wayne brought us back to do paperwork for our consulate appointment tomorrow. It’s an appointment that we don’t have to attend, but Wayne will take all our paperwork for us. We have some shopping and a Pearl River cruise planned. Wayne seemed excited about taking us on the cruise. OH! We also met the Baker family. They have a cute little boy named Henry that they adopted from ChengDu. They also have another son (bio) and a daughter from China that they adopted last year. They seem nice too.

Ok...enough for tonight. We are having dinner delivered from Danny’s. Here’s the link if you want to check it out: We are having club subs, wonton soup and spring rolls for Julia and for mom...a special treat: CHEESECAKE!

Have a good day and please, please PLEASE let us know what is up with Peach (aka Grandpa George). For all those that read our journal, keep Grandpa George in your prayers. He’s not feeling so well after his surgery. Love you all!!