Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Julia braving the water by herself Posted by Picasa

Anna giving her best performance at the beach Posted by Picasa

Cameron having a great time  Posted by Picasa

They were working so hard to make a cool castle Posted by Picasa

I love this picture!! This is Julia, Jess and Kristen at the beach at our campground Posted by Picasa

The crazy kids at lunch Posted by Picasa

Ok...so I'm a huge Dierks Bentley fan and I had to take a picture of this sign, even though it has nothing to do with him  Posted by Picasa

Liz, I took this picture for you. :-) Posted by Picasa

Waiting for the ferry to take off in Mackinaw City Posted by Picasa

A really cool view from the island as you walk up the steps to the fort Posted by Picasa

Julia having a great time (the meltdowns would happen later!!) Posted by Picasa

Another family pic, this one was taken from on top of the island  Posted by Picasa

Wayne laughing at something funny Posted by Picasa

Anna and Eric  Posted by Picasa

Eric, Jess and Mackenzie  Posted by Picasa

Eric doing a routine  Posted by Picasa

Kristen and Jess at the fort Posted by Picasa

The ladies table :-) Posted by Picasa

Part of our crew at lunch Posted by Picasa

Anna, Daddy and Julia at lunch Posted by Picasa

a view from a lookout on the island Posted by Picasa

A view of Arch Rock on Mackinaw Island Posted by Picasa

The lighthouse Posted by Picasa

Max, Julia, Anna and Cameron at the lighthouse Posted by Picasa

Cool pic of the bridge from the lighthouse Posted by Picasa